Issac Shapiro – Can You Enjoy for No Reason?

Photo of Issac Shapiro laughing while giving this talkThis is a video of Issac Shapiro talking on habits, perception and our sense of self. Issac goes on to ask whether we can enjoy now for no reason.

Issac was born in South Africa, and has been teaching around the world since 1993. Issac’s website is

There’s a partial transcript of the talk below this video.

Something to consider. When there’s a automatic, unconscious pattern functioning, who’s doing it? That’s the esoteric part, yeah?

When there’s automatic and unconscious, who’s doing it? Hmm? It’s happens, yeah?

So who’s responsible? Hmm? The pattern’s responsible? Which is good way of saying nobody.

So our sense of self, and our sense of the universe, happen through our habits of perception. When those habits change a little bit, so does our sense of self, and the sense of the universe. It’s amazing, huh?

Now the habits that we have – that most of us have – are they human friendly? Would you recommend them to your friends? Okay. Good to notice that, yeah?

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