Eckhart Tolle video – Your Essential Nature

A photo of Eckhart Tolle smiling and talking about our essential natureHere is Eckhart Tolle talking about our essential nature. This video is just over four minutes long.

Eckhart Tolle is a German-born Canadian resident, who experienced a spontaneous awakening in 1977. Ekhart’s website is

Part of the talk is written out below the video.

God, or your essential nature is not something. Not content. Not form.

The best description through words is to say “not”. What it is not.

And then you are left with what it is, which cannot be named, but can be known. But cannot be known conceptionally because every concept is again a name and a form.

It can be known, simply, easily in the silent space of stillness. Which is in everyone.

Underneath the mental noise, no matter how heavy and turbulent the mental emotional noise may be. No matter how heavy the egoic sense of self is. In everyone, as their essential nature is the stillness of pure consciousness. Your essential nature, the essence – your essence – not separate from the essence of the Universe.

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  1. I love Eckhart Tolle – especially his book The Power Of Now, but geez he is so deep and hard to understand at times… I think that it is because I am not quite ready for some of the bits yet. Thanks for posting this

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