Adyashanti video – Spirituality is like a Door to Door Salesman

A photo of Adyashanti smiling during the talkThis is a funny video of Adyashanti talking about the awakened state, and the process of awakening. The video is ten minutes long.

Adyashanti is a spiritual teacher based in California, U.S.A. He trained in the Zen tradition before awakening. He now teaches in his own unique way. Adya’s website is

There’s a transcript of part of the talk below the video.

But letting go of that self, the egoic self – the blames, the judgements, the opinions – that’s all egoic self stuff. There’s no such thing as being enlightened and free and getting to hold on to all that stuff. It just doesn’t work that way. You know…

You can get a taste. You know, you could be a total bozo and get a taste of awakening. A ding dong can wake up to “Oh! That … I see my true nature”- right?

You don’t have. … nothing’s required. That’s the nice thing about getting a good experiential glimpse of your true nature. The nice thing is that nothing’s required. Absolutely nothing, except stop trying so hard. Stop seeking for a moment, let it happen. Hmmm?

But to actually be in that awake state, to actually be there, and function there, and move there. Hmmm? It, it, then it starts, then, you know, it’s, it’s like a … I always think of like enlightenment like a, sort of like you know, one of those annoying door to door salesmen.

You, you begin the discussion, you just engage on the smallest level, and it’s all they wanted. And you know, the foot slips in the door, you know? And it’s hard to get the damn foot back out of the door.

Spirituality is kind of like that. The truth kind of slips its foot in. Right? And, it’s like “Oh yes, yes, yes, awakening costs nothing. Just turn around, look at yourself as awareness itself. It’s easy! It’s a total shift of identity. You realize you’re free, you always were free. You’ll realize ev … what the Buddha realised, and what Jesus … you’ll realise. For sure, it’s easy!”

And then you do, and it’s all true, and then you realise you’ve got this big foot in your door. And it’s not pulling out. And it says…

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  1. Arunasalam Annamalai says:

    What else is there left to say or comment. It’s a clear cut. OM SHANTI.

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